Sunday, February 15, 2009

coldfusion 8 pdf download

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coldfusion 8 new features
Adobe Flex integration

ColdFusion 8 now includes Adobe LiveCycle® Data Services ES (formerly Flex™ Data Services) and other data exchange improvements to simplify the data-enabling of rich Internet applications (RIAs) you build with ColdFusion and Flex.

Image manipulation

ColdFusion 8 adds more than 50 new tags and functions for creating and manipulating images, from simple to sophisticated. For example, the new CFIMAGE tag provides shortcuts to the most common image actions, including reading, writing, resizing, rotating, and converting images.

Atom and RSS feeds

ColdFusion 8 introduces the new CFFEED tag, which can read and create RSS and Atom feeds in commonly used formats, so you can quickly and easily create complex content syndication applications.

Improved file manipulation functions

ColdFusion 8 adds several new file manipulation functions to the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), most notably the ability to read and write large files in defined segments, rather than in a single operation.

JavaScript operators in CFML

ColdFusion 8 supports common JavaScript operators such as ++, ==, ||, <, and > so they can be used in CFML expressions.

CFC improvements

ColdFusion 8 adds several highly requested improvements to ColdFusion components (CFCs), including the ability to create interface definitions, use J2EE session replication in a cluster, have access to the CFCs in session data across all the machines in a cluster, and use the new onMissing Method function

Reporting enhancements

ColdFusion 8 introduces a completely new version of the ColdFusion Report Builder. Use it to create high-quality, structured reports with more output choices and a more consistent look and feel throughout your applications. You can also create and apply cascading style sheet (CSS) definitions to reports, export your reports in HTML or XML format, and create report styles for all of your reports.

Database interaction improvements

ColdFusion 8 provides a new DBINFO tag to programmatically access information about a data source, allows stored procedures and queries using CFQUERYPARAM to be cached, and much more. Plus, there is expanded database driver support with new options for SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, Sybase ASE15, MySQL 4 and 5, PostgreSQL 8, and others.

Array and structure creation improvements

ColdFusion 8 allows you to create arrays and structures implicitly in assignment statements without using the ArrayNew or Structnew functions. The result is cleaner code with less typing

Download coldfusion 8 pdf

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