Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CF 8 Application Server Startup Problem

you have an issue when your system is started u have to manually start the application even if the application is set to automatic.So here is the solution..

Open Control Panel; Select Administrative Tools; Right Click on Services and send it to the Desktop as a shortcut.

Now, open Services.

Find the CF 8 Application Server line and Right Click on it, and select Properties.

On the General Tab, make sure the Startup type is Automatic.

On the Recovery Tab, make the following entries:

First failure: Restart the Service

Second Failure: Run a program

Third failure: Take no action (I figure by this point, I have to do it manually!)

Run program

Program: Click the Browse button and find the jrunsvc.exe module.

Mine was under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\runtime\bin\jrunsvc.exe

Command line parameters: "ColdFusion 8 Application Server"

After you Apply the changes, click OK, then you might as well start the service while you are here. On your next boot, it should start up!